Windriver Grasshopper Glacier to Tourist Creek


Dec 2, 2013
I am putting together a route that would start from Elkhart Park TH go through Indian Basin, over Indian Pass and then up through North Fork Bull Creek/Dinwoody Creek. From there over Grasshopper Glacier to the divide with the intention of dropping down into upper Tourist Creek, down to Three Forks Park, up to Clark Lake, through Lozier Lakes and out to the New Fork Park Trailhead. Most of the route is pretty straight forward but we can't find much info on dropping down into Tourist Creek from the divide. I found one trip report where someone did it and they said it was difficult but doable, but I am looking for more info on that section. Does anyone have any experience in that area?
I and @Bob have experience with some of that but I have no experience with Tourist Creek or that divide crossing that you mention.
Tourist creek is full of boulders and really slow......
Interested to see about this. I've wondered the same about getting down to Tourist Creek.
I assume you will be going over Blaurock pass to get into dinwoody.... That's steep and high.....slow go as well.
Not much info on it for a reason.... I remember a report from years ago about it....said they wouldn't do it
Better off heading up the divide after grasshopper glacier and descending into Baker Lake/Iceberg Lake?

I expect it to be slow going. We have 10 days to cover this route which should be plenty of time.
Better off heading up the divide after grasshopper glacier and descending into Baker Lake/Iceberg Lake?

I expect it to be slow going. We have 10 days to cover this route which should be plenty of time.
Do you have a map snippet screenshot of where you propose?
I know I've wanted to do that descent down into the Tourist Creek drainage that way for several years, just never found anybody else crazy/dumb enough to do it with.

Want to say I've seen at least one report of somebody doing it, but I have absolutely no idea where I found that.

It looks quite difficult. Type 2 fun, for sure.

Spent a couple nights on the divide by Iceberg Lake/Sourdough Glacier a few years back. The divide ridge in that area is a spectacular place, and often pretty challenging to travel.
Did your buddy get to Scott Lake via Tourist or Wells Creek?

I'm not sure if any of this will be helpful...

I've been up Wells Creek (to the bottom of Minor Glacier) from Three Forks Park and it was boulder hop fest. Very tiring! We made a run at Gannett that day but failed...partially due to our wiped out legs. =) Minor Glacier was icy hard and steep. I started up it with crampons and axe (albeit from a less than ideal starting point) and ended up turning around. Legs were too wiped out and the exposure/steepness got to me.

Let me know if you end up needing any info or pics about what we encountered up that drainage.
He went via Tourist Creek and said he will never do it again. Brutal punishment I believe are the words he chose.
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