Wind River Trip - Day 3 - Summit of Fremont Peak

Blake Merrell

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Feb 25, 2013
I had two journal entries for the trip. this was one of them. August 20th, 2015:

I had a special day today. I climbed Fremont Peak! It was long and hard. Most of the way up I questioned whether it was worth it or not. Adam has a hurt shin, so he climbed most of the way but couldn't finish. So I pushed on and did the last 1000 ft alone. It was hard, but when I arrived at the top I was surprised with amazing views of huge glaciers. It was incredible. At that moment, me at the top of the mountain, I took The opportunity to offer a prayer .... It was special for me. I have been blessed a lot, and I was overwhelmed with gratitude for what I have and especially for my beautiful little family...

Today was a good day. It was long and hard. But good.

Fremont Peak, the 3rd Highest peak in Wyoming, stands 13,743 feet tall. It is the highest peak I have ever climbed. It is the hardest mountain I have climbed so far. This is about that day.

It was bitter sweet to leave Titcomb basin.

That. Is. One. Beauuuuuuuutiful. Place.

But... pack up and leave we did. We had more to see, more to hike. The plan for day 3 was to summit Fremont Peak!

To be honest, it was my friends idea to climb Fremont. He had done it in his early 20's and wanted to do it again. (It must be good if a guy wants to go a second time, right?) This was the gonna be the highlight of his trip, the part he look forward to the most. I was excited for the adventure! Peak-bagging hasn't really been my thing, but this did seem pretty neat. I am always up for a good adventure, and a good view.

It was hard.
It was Good.

Well.... The hike out of Titcomb was just as good going as it was coming. And the Indian Basin exceeded my expectations.

Some of my pictures (not in any specific order)

Part of the trail as we hiked up into Indian Basin.

Part of the trail as we hiked out of Titcomb

Indian Basin. Looking toward Harrower Peak

More of the same. I thought these little lakes were very pretty.

Fremont in the distance. Won't be long until I am climbing it!

Looking at Fremont some more. This mountains is everywhere!

Good pic of all the smoke in the air. And to think this was a "clear" day.




Adam looking up at Fremont Peak. We are just beginning our ascent.

There she is. Fremont, the easy side. only 1 mile to go. 2500 feet of vertical climbing.

We loved the water at the base. It so clear and refreshing.

Me at the saddle. 2000 more feet to go? seems like it anyway. oh well, check out that view! Knifepoint Mountain in the distance.

Ahh. Life among the rocks. I do submit that alpine wild flowers are the prettiest in the world.

Adam at the beginning of our ascent of Fremont. Say what you want, but this guy is one tough guy. Even with sever shin splints, he is not letting anything spoil his trip.

Just soakin' it in.

WOAH! Yeah, I was not expecing this. The climb up was hard. I questioned if it was even worth it. All such doubts flew away when I reached the top and saw this. I.N.C.R.E.D.I.B.L.E

Fremont Glacier!

The very top!

WOW. This is one of the most incredible things I have ever seen in my life.

More of the same.

Summit Selfie!



Adam just above the saddle. Titcomb in the back.

Pano of some of the glaciers. This mountain never ceases to amaze me.

Titcomb lakes. Pretty good view!

Perfect day for a summit. It was a bit cold at the top though, but not to bad.


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May 15, 2013
Looks like it was a great day! Fremont is a fantastic peak to bag. Not technical but you get all the payoff as if it was. On a clear day you can see the Tetons, but that doesn't happen very often. Thanks for posting. I'm looking forward to more.

Blake Merrell

Life Elevated - Rising Higher
Feb 25, 2013
Thanks @TannerT, it was a great experience. Even though it is a non technical climb, it was still weird to deal with the effects of hiking and exerting myself at such elevations. I remember getting a bit dizzy sometimes and had to slow down and take a lot more breathers.
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