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Two, of a relatively fearless and inquisitive trio of juvenile marmots encountered on yesterday's hike. Pushing their luck, as this area is a grizzly hotspot, with lots of recent diggings as the bears look to fatten up on rodents for winter.
A herd of about 8 young bighorn were a bit more wary of us.
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Beautiful! Did you see these in the Uintas?

Nope, North Cascades. I drove up and did a few touristy hikes on Sunday before driving home.
Blue Lake. You can see a larch better in this one:
RCM04785-PNW 2023-231008-10.jpg

Also some black-tailed deer in the Cascades:


And this doe and fawn did not look like black-tails, they look like muleys on the shoulder of Mt Rainier:
RCM03123-PNW 2023-230929-30.jpg

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