Wild Horse Butte, Wyoming


Jun 11, 2017
This isn't much of a report, but rather just a note in case anyone's north of Baggs, Wyoming and looking for a cool place to camp.

I arrived in Baggs late afternoon with no idea where I was going, eccept north. About 10 miles (MOL) north of town, I saw a sign that said "Wild Horse Road" on the east side of the highway, near an old Quonset hut, so I turned off. It was pretty desolate country, which is my style, as desolate = few people. I climbed a long ridge and finally stopped on a small crossroad (more like an ATV trail) and pulled into a spot next to the road where the sagebrush wasn't as thick and set up camp. Checking the map later, it looked like the road went up onto a big rise called Wild Horse Butte.

It was nearly dark and I was surrounded by a pack of coyotes singing to my three dogs: "Come on out and we'll play - heh - heh." My dogs know better and crawled into the back of my truck and curled up in their sleeping bags. It was a beautiful quiet night with stars galore, the kind of place where you really feel the emptiness in a good way. No gnats, no skeeters, no nuthin' but a big sky full of tiny pin points of light far far away.
Above: The road as it follows the ridge, a few miles off the highway. I camped here in this open spot.

Above: A nice mellow sunrise.


Above: The evening view to the south - Baker Peak, Black Mountain, and the back side of the Bears Ears, all in Colorado.



I don't think these horses were too wild, but there are supposed to be lots of wild ones near where I camped. This small herd was standing next to the highway.


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