Why I hate Google


Sep 30, 2014
When we first set up our website on Google sites, we chose that option because it allowed us to easily transfer photos from our Picasa photo pages to our website.

Then Google discontinued Picasa, and moved everything over to Google photos, which meant that all of our photo links were dead. It took us months to move them all over....grrrrr.

And then late last year Google announced that their Google Sites software was changing, and the platform we used for our website would no longer be supported. Now that's what I call customer service--what a ridiculous policy.

So we moved our entire site over to the new Google Sites platform. It's not as good for our purposed, doesn't all text wrapping for example, and it took hours and hours of time for us to move every page over.

And now Google itself can't find the new version of the site. We've talked to our domain host provider, Go-Daddy, who says that we've done everything right.

We've searched the Google help boards, which have a lot of other people with the same issue---search for us at backpackthissierra.com and you get the dreaded 404 message.

We hate Google with a passion.

So just in case you were looking for our site, you CAN still find it here, I think, if Google hasn't screwed this up too:


And we'll keep working on a solution. thanks to everyone who has contacted us about the problem. Maybe send a hate mail letter to Google...
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Jan 11, 2018
It looks like the domain resolution problems are fixed; sometimes it takes a bit for the sync to clear existing caches. I see your site as the #1 result in incognito mode with the search "backpack the sierra" and it resolves as expected. I feel your pain with Google and Picasa though. My old albums are still in Photos, as migrated from Picasa.

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