White Rim Road FKT


Feb 12, 2014
Some of you will also find this interesting, just recently both the men's and women's FKT (fastest known time) was set on a bike for the White Rim Road.
Men- 5:28, Women- 6:52
Their videos were posted on YouTube. It's pretty amazing what people can do!

Yup, it's amazing what people can do... turn something awesome like the White Rim Road into a sufferfest that they are anxious to finish. Kudos to them for accomplishing something that most of us will never be able to do, but I bet the people who spend 3-4 days have a way more enjoyable experience
Right up there with fastest time hiking ...... Dumb but if that's what they want to do more power to them.... I don't look up to that....
Holy cow. That is awesome. I love seeing stuff like this and the people who do other routes incredibly quickly. Impressive that they can keep up that kind of speed for so long.