White rim in March

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    So as expected, most campsites are all filled out in late march, april. I am thinking I can get couple days off in early march and spend about 3 nights in white rim trail. It might be solo(likely) or I might have a friend coming alone. Obviously it depends on weather conditions closer to the trip date, but I am wondering I should bring my teardrop along if trail is fairly dry around that time. I have gone both up and down shafer trail with my trailer before and feel pretty comfortable towing it around.

    But looking at videos and such, looks like I will have most trouble in murphy's hogback(seeing narrow and steep it is). Is there any other sections that I need to worry about? I am also prepared to just camp out of tent(or car) and leave trailer at home(esp I end up going solo).

    Also are there any hikes that I shouldn't miss, while on the trail. Planning to spend 3 full days on the trail and explore/photograph as much as possible.

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    If it were me, I wouldn't take a trailer.

    Murphys on the back side (with the trailer pushing) wouldn't be fun. Neither would Hardscrabble. It has some tight uphill turns. I have video of the entirety of Hardscrabble on Youtube.
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    If the trailer is built for off-road travel and you are comfortable with it in those situations, it would probably be OK. But if not, I wouldn't recommend taking one.
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    Thanks. no trailer it is. booked 3 nights in gooseberry, murphy's and hardscrabble. Hopefully weather will be co-operative around the time.
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