Which Garmin Rino GPS?


Sep 30, 2012
I apologize ahead of time if this topic was previously covered. A general search did not give the answers I was looking for.

I'm looking for a recommendation for a handheld GPS, specifically geared for outdoor use - such as the Garmin Rino series. Garmin offers several models within this series with very wide price differences. Some of the models offer GMRS radio in addition to FRS which I find attractive. I believe all offer NOAA weather radio. Lower end models look to offer a monochrome display with lower storage to add additional maps. Upper end have a full color display with fully integrated 100k topo map package.

So from the Rino 120 through the 655t, what recommendations can you offer? Are the 100k maps sufficient for backcountry hiking, or will the device need 24k maps? Can the lower end models handle 24k maps?

Thanks for any assistance.



Jan 17, 2012
I have the Rino 530 https://buy.garmin.com/shop/shop.do?pID=283&ra=true I have found that it does everything that I need it to do.. I would recomend a second battery pack just in case.. I have gotten 20+ tracking hours out of mine before and had some life left but if using the radio etc it will eat more juice..

In the end get the best you can afford as better maps are always better but they will all get the job done :)
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