Where to Post Backcountry skiing stuff?

Tye Dye Twins

Sep 30, 2014
Where should I post Backcountry skiing trip reports? Is there even any interest for such things?
I'd say there's tons of interest! We just don't have a lot of that kind of thing yet. I'd say put it in 'everything else' and then if we get a handful of them will create a snow category. Shoot, maybe we have enough already to create one… Either way we can move it there but in the meantime I'd say post in 'everything else'.
A new sub-forum called Winter Sports has been created. I went through all of the reports in 'Everything Else' and moved the obvious winter ones into the new forum (18 total). If anyone sees some that I missed, let me know. Can't wait to see what you all do in the snow this winter! :)


Nice...I'm hoping to have some new ones to add to that section :)
Oh ok cool. Microspikes and crampons would still go in hiking though I suppose.
I guess I'd choose more on the overall condition of the the hike. Like if it's purely winter, obviously put it in there, even if all you used were microspikes. If it's a summer thing but you had to bring axes and crampons to cross a glacier, I'd still put that in hiking.
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