Where are your favorite primitive camping spots near Capitol Reef/Torrey?


Dec 11, 2013
Heading down that way tonight, and I'd rather not camp in Fruita campground if I can avoid it. Primitive camping is fine, but we need to be able to get there in our 2wd, lowered cars. Any recommendations? Feel from to message me if you don't want to post it for the whole world to see.
We've camped at the Cedar Mesa CG on the Notom Rd and used it as base camp for a ton of hikes. 6-7 sites with fire rings tables and pit toilets. No water though. I like it as a base camp. Has all the necessary camping requirements.

Looking east from camp.
We've camped at the Cedar Mesa CG on the Notom Rd and used it as base camp for a ton of hikes. 6-7 sites with fire rings tables and pit toilets. No water though. I like it as a base camp. Has all the necessary camping requirements.

Looking east from camp.
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Not sure you'd want to try to get there 'in our 2wd, lowered cars' though.
I know this is late but here are a couple of options:

Just outside the park to the north/west right off UT24 there is a primitive campsite, it's just before the big turn towards Torrey on the right as you come out of the park. No facilities but close to the (mostly quiet) road.

On the west end of Torrey is Sand Creek Road, it heads north towards Thousand Lake Mountain and enters the National Forest. After that the road is bumpy, no lowered cars but small RVs do get up there. About 1/2 mile up there are several wide spaces next to the road where people camp, no facilities, windy! I'll say hello as I pass when I'm walking my dogs. If you're cooking breakfast the dogs will enjoy sharing it with you :cool:

Just east of Bicknell is the Sunglow NF campground, not really primitive but very basic, has water! Paved access.

There is of course a lot of National Forest and BLM land all around the park and people just put down their tents all over the place.
Thanks Bob. We camped at one of those spots, it was a great one.
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