What's in my pack: my ultralight setup for a quick overnighter.

Thanks for sharing. You didn't mention it, but that pack looks like the HMG 3400, yeah? I carry the same, and have to say I absolutely love it (got the cordura pockets though so I can stuff my tripod and other pokey things on the outside). Curious though, what's your arrangement for hiking through rain? I carry a 7oz Golite poncho, which I love, but it doesn't do much for my legs after 4 hours of rain walking. Considering some UL waterproof pants, but I'm not sure. One of those difficult weight/functionality trade-offs I suppose. Thoughts?
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all my gear is listed in the video description (you'll have to go to YouTube for that).

Pack is a HMG3400 windrider. We don't hike in a ton of rain. I have a zpacks breathable cuben top that I use with a rainskirt. It's been a great jacket/windbreaker.

For lightweight rain gear check out frogtogs. You can get breathable, waterproof pants and jacket for $35. They're not going to last you 5 years, but with how little I actually use my rain gear, they just might.
It's funny how different a lot of the details are - depending on the kind of trip that you're doing. For example, I did a quick overnighter this weekend from BCC to LCC via Lake Blanche and Mt Superior - weight and bulk was of the essence since the hike involved scrambling up the north side of Superior.

As a result - I didn't bring a bug net or water filter - I knew there wouldn't be bugs up there anymore, and above Lake Blanche, I'm comfortable with dip n' sip, given the lack of human and animal activity. However a lightweight bivvy was a good touch, as I wanted to cowboy camp without having dew soak my bag (plus it'd likely be below freezing and the bivy adds a bit of extra warmth. A poncho-tarp would do the trick, as the forecast was beautiful. And for a setup that light, I could get away with a frameless pack very comfortably.

That being said, that setup wouldn't work at all two months ago, as the bugs would be horrendous. And it won't work next month, because I'll need a warmer bag to deal with chilly October nights. I'm curious to hear about the trip that you took this setup for - where was it and when, and what climate conditions did you expect to face?
Exactly right. Our gear changes with the seasons. Here's a video of that trip. I think it was in the end of July.
Nice video Steve. I don't think that setup would work for me in the northeast but I always find it interesting to see what other people carry. And what was with the nozzle on the trash compactor bag?
It's a thermarest air tap.

I've got links to all the gear in my youtube video description.
Nice video Steve. I don't think that setup would work for me in the northeast but I always find it interesting to see what other people carry. And what was with the nozzle on the trash compactor bag?
Out of curiosity, VH, what changes would you make to adapt for your local climate and style?
Out of curiosity, VH, what changes would you make to adapt for your local climate and style?

I travel to the northern ADK's and the Whites where the weather can be very unpredictable up top. I personally feel more comfortable carrying my 2 lb tent as insurance against unexpected precip and/or strong wind. The ADK's are also buggy during the black fly season until late June, so I prefer the comfort of a tent over a head bug net or bivy, especially since I enjoy crawling in the tent to read a book at night. Not knocking Steve's setup if it works for him, I just happen to be a tent guy personally.
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