West Fork Blacks Fork River Crossing 2017


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Aug 8, 2016
Anyone made the crossing at West Fork Blacks Fork this year yet? Wondering how passable it is.
There's not enough snow left for it to be much of a problem at this point in the year.

Are you saying too much for crossing with a vehicle and on foot, or just a vehicle?
One other question if you wouldn't mind....

How far south does the road go after the river crossing?
Just got back. I had to park my car and walk, but I only have a sedan. I would say it was maybe 9-12 inches deep and the deepest. Saw several trucks drive through.
I made the crossing on Thursday (7/27) while day hiking up to Dead Horse Lake. I drive a Jeep Rubicon with a lift and probably wouldn't care what time of year it is. With that said, there were about ten stock SUVs and Pickup Trucks at the trailhead past the river crossing. Only one SUV was on the other side of the river and chose not to make the cross. Unless you drive a sedan, you're good to go.
Well my wife, grandson and I did a little recon of the trail heads off of the North Slope Road last Monday. It had been raining a lot and the WFBF road was a slick, muddy mess but we had fun! I put this video together for my grandson who got to do his first off-road driving. The first few seconds is us fording the river on the way out.

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