Weekend at Spruce Grove CG with hiking in Lost Creek Wilderness


Dec 30, 2015
Headed out Friday after work for a weekend get away with the pupper. It rained on our way to the campground which is located on the edge of the Lost Creek Wilderness. About 10 minutes before we got there the rain stopped. It was pretty chilly the first night, colder than the forecast said as we woke to frost covering everything.

Saturday we headed up Lizard Rock Trail, to Hankins Pass trail. We did about 6 miles round trip. That good for my little dude. I try not to push him. As the sun set he got chilled and headed to bed in the tent on his own. Saturdy night wasn't near as cold. Sunday we had breakfast, broke camp and headed home.

Bought myself a new cheapie walmart 3 person tent for car camping. It's nice to have the extra room when weight doesn't matter. My last one was so worn out you could see through the walls.

18767710_10211804254554907_8058978506418163158_n.jpg 18622155_10211808576302948_3548251541396062498_n.jpg 18813727_10211810590353298_2378335087101940811_n.jpg 18740811_10211810592473351_7800777908593601577_n.jpg 18893052_10211810585873186_6381812319215261801_n.jpg 18838890_10211813662870109_2054712258777624634_n.jpg
Yeah Buddy!

The Taryall Road can be a lot of fun. Drive the Matakut Road to Molly Gulch and down by the Resevoir to Deckers area. Platee springs is an AWESOME swimming hole.