Album Weather, Storms and Clouds


I lava it!!!
Jan 19, 2012
I guess I'm not the only one with pictures of dramatic looking skies.
Show your storm pictures and tell me where you've taken the shot!!


tornadic supercell and wall cloud in Nebraska
small tornado in rope out stage.
It suddenly appeared during a hike in Theodore Roosevelt NP in North Dakota ;)


One funny or interesting fact: Just minutes before the tornado appeared, all of a sudden at least two dozen coyotes began to howl. At first one or two, then all others joined from all directions. Somehow weird how they have a sense for some stuff that is going on.
This is my most-viewed photo on flickr, with over 6,000 views. thing is, it's not even in focus. I had just set the camera out on the porch and was going to try some long exposures to see if I could get some lightning shots. This was the first shot, before I had properly focused. It doesn't look too bad at this size though.
EDIT: 01/06/2013 -- This just passed through 10,000 views on flickr.

Lightning by snowpeak, on Flickr
how long was your exposure?
That's amazing

Its a composite image of 6 photo taken from the same spot on a tripod within 2min. I bracketed 3 shots for my HDR layer picked up some lightning then caught 3 more bolts in my next 3 8sec exposures. I created fauxHDR images from the single shots and layered them into the main HDR image. Really just messing around trying new things but the lighting is real, it was right there.
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