Waterpocket Canyon (Capitol Reef) non-technical access to upper part?


Dec 14, 2015
Waterpocket Canyon is the spectacular canyon you are above when you hike from Capitol Gorge to Pleasant Creek. It looks like delightful slickrock hiking. I am curious if there is a non-technical way to get into its upper sections. I couldn't find any way from the Cap Gorge Plsnt Ck route and wondered if a) I missed something, b) there is an approach from Pleasant Creek, or c) there is an approach off the Capitol Gorge road.
I haven't been in that one but I've been in quite a bit of the stuff between Pleasant Creek and hwy 24 which is pretty much same character and there's multiple ways into most of the canyons. You might have to do some trial and error but between the gullies that cross the canyons and the ridges between you can get a lot of places. Awesome area.
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