Water near EC3


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Nov 28, 2017
My wife and two teenage sons are planning a backpack trip into the needles District. It is in the end of March. We have reserved CP1 for the first night and then will be hiking over to EC3 for the 2nd night. We are planning on doing the joint trail after reaching CP the first day. On day 2 we are planning on going to Druid Arch after getting to EC3. I’m trying to figure out how much water to pack. I’ve heard that there is usually water near EC3. Can anyone confirm that? And can we rely on water being there? I’m hoping we can so as to limit the amount of water we have to pack in. Any advice or tips would be great. We’ve backpacked before but never to Canyonlands and never had to pack in water. Thanks
The water source near EC3 is between it and Druid Arch. It's generally pretty reliable but a bit of a walk roundtrip. It can be scummy and treatment is advised. Park rangers could give you a better idea as they hear from backpackers fairly often.