Water Canyon (Cedar Mesa) top down


May 19, 2012
We are heading down to Cedar Mesa in a couple of weeks, to explore some places we haven't seen. We are heading down Slickhorn Road past Government Trail to the end of the road, @ far right center in the image. This is Water Canyon and it's side canyons, Grand Gulch at the far left. I have been up Water years ago from Grand Gulch, and I remember not being able to go very far. Has anyone accessed these side canyons from the mesa? Any info would be appreciated.

Water Canyon-2.jpg
Only get down one of the forks....easier to go up. At the last upper pouroff is a old tree to climb on or was..... You can also contour the ledges in the south side... I'll have to look for which fork to make sure but I think it's the second from the top ( north)
Yep ..... We went down shangra la canyon, up GG, out water canyon.... The South fork of the northern most split in the canyon. Haven't been in other forks so no eye witness info
I am not psyched about climbing down a tree. We will bring a short rope just in case.
Yep ..... We went down shangra la canyon, up GG, out water canyon.... The South fork of the northern most split in the canyon. Haven't been in other forks so no eye witness info
Hi Bob...I would like to hike down Water Canyon to Grand Gulch and up to now, upon reading your comment, was not sure if such a hike is possible. So were you able to find a route out of Water Canyon from Grand Gulch? If so, would you be so kind as to provide me with some details? I sure would appreciate it. The map shows that there are four forks to Water Canyon . Which one and how did your find the route up and out Water Canyon? n Thank you so much for your time and assistance.
yes ..... Ill DM you
HM ...... DM came through
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