Watch those ledges


Aug 9, 2007
I just saw this on Facebook and thought I'd post it here. I'm always slightly paranoid about standing too close to ledges and this just reinforced that feeling.

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On my last Grand Canyon trip there was this ledge that was about 10 feet across and 15 or so feet wide jutting out near Hopi Point. On one side was a drop of about 15 feet, on the other it dropped about 1500. Since there were sooooo many tourists on Hopi Point at sunset and the ledge was wide I went out on it to take some pics. I figured I just wouldn't go very close to the edge and I'd be fine. After I set up my tripod (about 6 feet from the edge) I stepped on some tiny little rock fragments that act like ball bearings and one leg slid out from under me toward the 1500 foot drop. Yikes. And I didn't even get any good pictures that night! Decided I didn't want to make @Aldaron's list and vowed not to do that again.
I like the French caption of the video: This is what not to do in a canyon.

@Laura the list has been the sensible voice on my shoulder more than once when I've been doing things I knew I shouldn't be doing! I figure that's at least something that it's good for!

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