Wahweep Hoodoos, Toadstools, & Rimrocks of Southern Utah - AERIAL FILM

TJ Sheridan

Sep 20, 2013
I took a hiking trip to Southern Utah three years back to explore the infamous Hoodoos of Wahweep, which I'd only seen in pictures at that point. I took one of my early drones and filmed some of them, but the footage came back wobbly and useless. The location was so spectacular that I decided to build two new aerial rigs and revisit the site the following year. When I finally made it back to the area, I had great conditions and spent four days exploring and enjoying these magnificent natural wonders. I hiked a combined total of about 20 miles to the locations in this film, carrying all of my film gear with me, and it was well worth the effort. The sandstone hoodoos and toadstools of Southern Utah near Wahweep are soft white sandstone capped with a harder layer of red rock on top, which protects the white sandstone underneath from erosion.

The white cliffs with bands of red rocks running through them are called the "Rimrocks", which are west of the hoodoo sites along Highway 89. They are absolutely amazing to see in person.

While I've seen some nice photographs from these sites, still photos simply don't do it justice. You can only really appreciate how spectacular and beautiful these places are visiting them in person, or when viewing them from the air. I've had this footage sitting on my raid storage drive for a few years, and two days ago one of the drives failed. I about had a heart attack! The thought of losing this footage made me sick to my stomach. I realized it was time to edit this film and publish it for the world to see, before the unthinkable happens.

I hope you enjoy seeing this film as much as I enjoyed making it.


Hi TJ, you're certainly right - that's beautiful footage. I've been to these areas and other similar ones nearby and this certainly gives a different perspective and it probably looks even nicer on here from these aerial angles. Thanks for sharing