Video Hiking/Camping San Rafael Swell/Goblin Valley/Horseshoe Canyon - Feb 2019


Apr 22, 2018

This is a fun short video (With Music) of a late February, 2019 camping/hiking trip near the San Rafael Swell area/Goblin Valley/Horseshoe Canyon.

I had a blast on my first camping trip of the year! I hope you enjoy the video!
Oh my gosh! I loved this, absolutely appealed to my video senses! Haha Now I wanna "Hike with Mike!"
I love seeing the majestic and wise hikers, but I am such a silly dweeb when I hike, so it is cool to see a group hiking like a bunch of kids, having fun! I loved seeing all the food! Yum...steak?! What a luxury!
Thanks for sharing!
Thanks for the support Miya! I really enjoyed editing the video, and the song choice was spot on. We had steaks one night, and bison burgers the next. Nothing like car camping to get your Winter vibes in :D Hopefully you will check out some of my other videos and HikeWithMike! Cheers, and safe trails!
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