May 19, 2012
I bought a North Face VE-23 a few years after they first came out. I could not afford the VE-24. Well, 45 years later someone gives me one! I have no idea how old it is. It is a little rough around the edges, but it is in great shape, all the zippers work etc. It smells like dog vomit inside, so I am going to strip the inside, clean it and reseal. A new project.


IMG_6617 2.jpeg

IMG_6621 2.jpegIMG_6634.jpeg
Now that looks like a light weight one person tent .......... NOT
Looks like early 1980's with the trap doors. Just looking at it makes me feel slow and heavy. Is there a label saying made in USA?
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It has the Made in USA on the label. My guess it is around the same time ('79) as my VE-23. Just a guess.
It's not ready for a museum, we will hopefully have many days by the river with it.
A small digression:
This is an interesting article on the history of the VE series. I got to meet Buckminster Fuller in architecture school in 1979 before a lecture, amazing man. The lecture was entitled "How much does your city weigh?"

An instructor of mine worked with Bucky to build this 50' dome, with the tent fabric donated by The North Face.

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