UTAH: Highline Trail


Feb 13, 2014
Just got snowed in here in Baltimore, so I fired up the computer. I'm beginning plans to hike the Highline Trail this summer, late July. Is there some kind of transportation service that can take me out near Leidy Peak from Vernal? Thinking of traveling east to west, and spending 10+ days out in UT.

Any other help is also appreciated!!!

Thanks in advance!

P.S. How bad has the winter been out there so far?
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Hmmmm... I don't know that I've heard of any commercial shuttle operations that connect both ends of the Highline. Shoot, maybe I need to open a seasonal Uintas shuttle business! :) You might have better luck networking with someone local that might be headed that way or also hiking the HT and might want to split costs. I know a couple years ago I saw two groups talking about moving each others cars and each of them hiking it the opposite direction. It's a loooong drive between the two trailheads, I want to say 4-4.5 hours one way.

If there are any outfitters that would do it, I'd check in Park City. I'm pretty sure Jan's does shuttles around that area and that is about as close as you're going to get.

Winter has been weak, but I think I saw on the news the other day we're at like 85+% of normal so it could be worse. I could be wrong on that though.
While I'm waiting on some maps, here's where things stand right now...

I'll be flying out to Salt Lake City in late July, and hanging out there and Vernal, UT just to acclimatize a bit. Does anyone have any ideas of what to do for recreation in either of these places?

I am also open to any advice or additional information on hiking the Highline... My wife and I are planning on spending about 7-10 days on the trail, leaving plenty of time to soak everything in...

So far the plan is to bus it from Salt Lake City to Vernal, and cab/bus it from Vernal to the Leidy Peak Trailhead. I'm planning on hiking east to west, and finishing at Mirror Lake.

Thank you in advance for your time and ideas!!!
Not sure what kind of recreation you are interested in, but there are a ton of great day hikes within half an hour of SLC. I've got lots of things going on in late July, but if I'm available, I'd be game to show you a few!
A friend and I are hiking the highline trail this summer as well. We plan on heading to Vernal on the 31st of July to stay with one of my wife's friends and drop a vehicle on the mirror highway side, the plan is to be dropped off at the leidy peak trail head on the 1st of august and finish on the 9th of august. as far as i know there is no shuttle to either location. You may be able to hitch a ride from someone or use a cab, although I would guess a cab will be pretty spendy and there aren't any buses that will drop you off, or pick you up.
Thank you all for the information so far... I'm justifying the cost for bus/cab rides, being that I'm going to be in the area for about 14 days with no rental expense . No big deal... I find that I stress more about stupid cars in parking lots being stolen/broken into than being struck by lightning! I honestly worry more about the bounty of food waiting at the TH for me.

mathew- Since I'm running the same route, I will be sure to send you as much detailed information as possible. We are planning on a real loose travel schedule because my wife/fellow backpacker is a painter, and she will be plein air painting along the way. I will fish.
my buddy and I have planned a pretty loose schedule as well, the plan was to fish when we can and enjoy the rest. The only scheduled thing is a kings peak climb.
Thanks for the information so far!!! Anybody know if Verizon has a signal at the Mirror Lake area?
My experience is you drive up to the pass for any cell reception.
What are the conditions like on the road to the Leidy Peak Trailhead? Can a normal car make it or do you need a 4x4?
I'll be flying out to Salt Lake City in late July, and hanging out there and Vernal, UT just to acclimatize a bit. Does anyone have any ideas of what to do for recreation in either of these places?

If you are going to have a few days around Vernal, go spend some time in Dinosaur National Monument. Beyond just going to the quarry, there is some quality backcountry in Dino NM. May need to rent a car though... See if you can get a permit for Jones Hole (in Dino) as an overnight (and get a nonresident fishing licence). You won't regret it.

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just went up the road to Leidy peak last week. It's in good shape. very little snow on the trail around Leidy peak, a lot of water from melt yet though. buddy hiked from mirror lake to rocky sea pass last week and he said over 10,000 ft trail was 100% covered in snow yet, but is melting quickly. four of us that hiked the AT last year are going to go hike the highline trail for a quick get away from 8-13 July. coming from back east you are going to have to get used to being at 12000+ elevation on this hike, just like I had to get used to the heavy air back east last year. I live in Manila UT and if you can't find a ride, I could come down to vernal and pick you up and drop you off at the Leidy trailhead for some return on the cost of gas doing so- call it trail magic. just reply to this thread if interested. I'll be on an ATV trip though when you are going to be at mirror lake so I can't help you there. I'm looking forward to the hike, the country is beautiful.