Jan 20, 2012
I took a trip to Utah & Colorado with my family in September 2014. This was a trip my wife and i planned after our daughter was born in early 2013. The plan was to spend a week hiking, photographing places around moab and then a week photographing fall colors in Colorado.

During our trip we experienced spectacular storms, photographed beautiful sunrises, sunsets & fall color and had fun hiking with our kids.

Here are some of the pictures i took during our trip.

Utah Colorado-1.jpg

Utah Colorado-2.jpg

Utah Colorado-3.jpg

Utah Colorado-4.jpg

Utah Colorado-5.jpg

Utah Colorado-6.jpg

Utah Colorado-7.jpg

Utah Colorado-8.jpg

Utah Colorado-9.jpg

Utah Colorado-10.jpg

Utah Colorado-11.jpg

Utah Colorado-12.jpg

Utah Colorado-13.jpg

Utah Colorado-14.jpg

Utah Colorado-15.jpg

Utah Colorado-16.jpg

Utah Colorado-17.jpg

Utah Colorado-18.jpg

Utah Colorado-19.jpg

Utah Colorado-20.jpg

Utah Colorado-21.jpg

Utah Colorado-22.jpg

Utah Colorado-23.jpg

Utah Colorado-24.jpg

Utah Colorado-25.jpg

Utah Colorado-26.jpg

Utah Colorado-27.jpg

Utah Colorado-28.jpg

Utah Colorado-29.jpg

Utah Colorado-30.jpg

Utah Colorado-31.jpg

Utah Colorado-32.jpg

Utah Colorado-33.jpg

Utah Colorado-34.jpg

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Feb 25, 2015
Great pics, the one of your daughter in the creek is my favorite. That pic pretty much sums up how I feel everytime I go out adventuring


Feb 1, 2014
Your kids are a little young to remember this, but that would be a good excuse to do it again in the future. Beautiful pictures!
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Sep 17, 2014
Yeah, wow. Looks like a wonderful life, count your blessings man. Thanks for sharing.
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