Ultralight Backpacking Tarp


Aug 9, 2007
A lot of you that I've backpacked with, and some that I haven't have asked what I use for my backpacking tarp. I picked mine up at REI a couple years ago but they quit selling it and I hadn't found where to get them since so I didn't really have a way to share exactly what I had and where you can get it.

Well I was just browsing some gear and noticed that REI is selling them again so I thought I'd post about it. I absolutely love this tarp I got the bigger one and it sleeps 3 pretty comfortable or 2 without being anywhere near each other. It also makes a killer camp sitting place when you're in a place that you're camping without a fire. In fact, most people I've backpacked with that have gotten used to it eventually consider it 'community gear' because of how nice it is to have a clean space to all sit together in the evening.

So with that said, I highly recommend this tarp. I'm picking up the smaller size right now for when I'm on my own or with just one other person. Photos of mine in action below or pick one up at REI.

Smokey chilling on the tarp in Salt Creek:

The tarp at the center of camp SC1 in Salt Creek:

The tarp in action in Willow Gulch:

It even goes nicely under a tent when you're done laying out on it. Chesler Park, CP1:

If anyone else has a favorite tarp, post it here!
I totally agree about your tarp, Nick.
I have a smaller version of it and picked it up at EMS in Buffalo 2 years ago.
I simply love it. I slept on it without a tent, used it as a hang out area, as a foot print, a shelter.
I bought the same one again when it was on sale last year. Just in case that I need to replace my old one and can't get another one. :)


camp at cathedral Butte Trail head


Coyote Gulch Camp

My tarp is quite a bit smaller than yours, but I really love the size for solo backpacking trips. And with only 12 oz it's really super light weight and packs small.