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Jul 30, 2021
Hey guys, long time lurker first time poster. Its looking like I might have the opportunity to be in the area in early September and am starting to plan a trip. 3 days 2 nights, 10ish miles to a base camp but can tack on a couple extra if needed.

Equal priority to views for the wife and moving water to fish for me. Not much for fishing lakes. No crowds and cutthroat are both bonus points. We typically backpack the smokies so should be a really cool change of pace.

Thanks for any help!
Have you looked into any specific trails? I think if you have more specific questions you may get more insights.
Have you looked into any specific trails? I think if you have more specific questions you may get more insights.
The main two ive been looking at are hiking up the uintas river which checks a lot of boxes for me but doesnt look like the views are the best or going into amythest basin. Meadow fly fishing which should keep me occupied and it looks gorgeous but figure it will be fairly crowded that time of year. Open to suggestions though.
Amethyst Basin is a classic. Probably top three busiest areas on the north slope, but for good reason, and you can usually find some quiet anyway. You can't go wrong with any drainages on the north slope. Other good meadows to be found in some of the drainages east of there like East Fork Bear, West Fork Black's Fork, East Fork Black's Fork.
Don't expect much for size on the trout out of the rivers and streams. It seems like mostly small brookies mostly. Water might be really low too this year. =(
Thanks guys, nothing wrong with a ton of little brookies. Im planning on taking some time off work and will probably spend a month doing NM, CO, and Utah. The wife is going to join for 10 days or so. The wife really wants to do the moab/arches area so thinking pick up her in durango, do moab, up to the uintas, and then drop her in salt lake. Will look into those other meadows and keep amythest in mind.
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