Uinta waterfalls


Mar 10, 2016
Does anybody have any suggestions on good trips for numerous/scenic waterfalls or waterways in the Uintas ? I love the rushing, roaring water of early season trips. But not too early. Once snow is mostly gone and ground is not a constant bog. Thanks for any advice !
+1 what @Parma said. Between Morat Lakes and Blue Lake is awesome.

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Pick a basin. Naturalist, Henry Fork, Red Castle+East Red Castle, the list goes on...
Thanks all! I was in naturalist basin years ago and was underwhelmed by the experience in proportion to all the hype I had always heard. It was not an early season trip though. But still very scenic.
I hear you on naturalist basin. I wasn't pretty underwhelmed with it as well, there are much more scenic basins in the Uintas. There is a really nice fall/cascade on the way up to Allsop Lake that you might find interesting. Some pretty falls in the Red Castle area as well. Honestly though there just aren't that many really great waterfalls up there....... of course that is my opinion after coming off of a trip from the Northwest last week.