TR 5-6 An Attempt to find a beautiful pink-ish Sunset in SEKI


Jan 31, 2017
Hey all!

Long story short, we got tired of the city and decided to head to SEKI in hopes of catching a beautiful sunset!

Left LA at 430ish and got to the parking lot at around 10ish. Unlike the last time we were here, the parking lot was bone dry. Not a bad thing...but I sort-of missed seeing snow

Ran into some snowy patches on some northern slopes not to far from the trailhead

Then more snow further along the trail. Maybe about 1.5 miles in.

more snow...

even more snow....

Ok by now I was getting a little bit tired of walking on snow...But hey! being in nature is a whole lot better than spending the weekend in Los Angeles! (as evident in my smile)

After a few more miles in, we made it to our destination! The view(s) were stunning!

Poor quality close up of the rock formation

Couldn't help but noticing this odd tree on a tree? :S

After some further exploration, we set up camp in a nice spot then began melting snow for water. There were a few creeks on the way out but we didn't feel like going back downhill

Fresh mountain water!

After melting enough snow, we started prepping our dinner which consisted of linguine w/ pesto, sun-dried tomatoes, pine nuts, bell peppers, Parmesan cheese, and red peppers


Thankfully we made dinner just right on time as the sun was setting.

Pink rays coming in

Last bits of the sunset

Probably could have been even prettier if the clouds had cleared off but we still got a decent light show that made the trip worthwhile!
So beautiful!
Glad you guys enjoyed the snow and what looks like a delicious meal!
Beautiful! The pink hue on the peaks and the view from your campsite looks amazing.
@SKLund SEKI = Sequoia & King's Canyon National Parks In California. They are managed together and are often referred to as SEKI.
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