Timpanogos Cave


Aug 9, 2007
Audra and I hiked Timpanogos Cave last week. We did it on a weekday to avoid the crowds. Boy was I glad we got our tickets in the morning when the switchbacks were still mostly in the shade! Turned out to be an awesome hike. We raced up the trail pretty quick and were able to get into an earlier tour group so it was about 2.5 hours total. I brought an external flash that I was going to have Audra hold at a 45 degree angle for photos in the cave, but I forgot the trigger! :facepalm: I still got some decent handheld, no-flash pics though. Gotta love the high ISO performance of the Canon 6D! The cave was awesome, but I think I was equally impressed with how awesome the constructed trail is up through the cliffs. A must-do hike, for sure. Here are some pics:

timpanogos-cave-md-1.jpg timpanogos-cave-md-3.jpg timpanogos-cave-md-4.jpg timpanogos-cave-md-5.jpg timpanogos-cave-md-6.jpg timpanogos-cave-md-7.jpg timpanogos-cave-md-8.jpg timpanogos-cave-md-9.jpg timpanogos-cave-md-10.jpg timpanogos-cave-md-11.jpg timpanogos-cave-md-12.jpg timpanogos-cave-md-13.jpg timpanogos-cave-md-14.jpg timpanogos-cave-md-15.jpg

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Cool. It has been probably 15 years since I have been up that trail, I haven't even thought about doing it as just a hike. Maybe I will try it one of these morning before work.
Cool. It has been probably 15 years since I have been up that trail, I haven't even thought about doing it as just a hike. Maybe I will try it one of these morning before work.

It's pretty popular with trail hikers in the morning. You can get a little lanyard that lets you bypass the pre-hike safety speech and also makes it so they can tell from a distance that you aren't going for the cave tour. It would be an awesome training hike where you can just zone out and get into the rhythm of climbing and get the heart pumping. Wish I lived a bit closer to it.
I don't know why, but that final shot makes me think of a certain part of the human anatomy.

That hike is a lung-buster with its elevation profile.
I took my friends and sister her a few years ago. I told them it was an easy hike, only a mile to the cave (I purposely left out the elevation gain). Let's just say they wanted to strangle me for not telling the whole truth.
I need to go here again. Last time was an elementary field trip. I remember the hike up was fairly steep and they were paving the trail so we all had to walk close to the edge. Good times.
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