Three-four day loop trail ideas?


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Jun 11, 2015
Hi there!
So sorry if this has been posted already... I'm new here and could not seem to find a post that was similar (although I'm sure there are; again, my apologies!)

My friend and I want to take a backpacking trip but have no idea where to start. Any suggestions would be most appreciated.

We are both women, athletic (long distance runners-- although backpacking will be a whole 'nother type of exercise), and extremely new to this backpacking world. We are willing to fly in to wherever is suggested (flying out of Florida, we were looking into North Carolina, Maine, Colorado, Utah, Wyoming flights in particular) and then heading to a trailhead to do a loop. Oh, and we are planning on doing it this August.

Any one have any fond memories of a loop trail that wasn't too difficult to navigate? And maybe it wasn't too far from a major airport? I know, I know! I'm asking a lot. I really appreciate any and all help.

Thanks everyone!


Aug 9, 2007
That leaves a ton of options. What kind of trip are you wanting? Mountains? Desert? Beginner-friendly or something more strenuous. For August, I'd say head some place like the Wind Rivers or Grand Teton. Lots of good loop options available there.


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Jun 11, 2015
That leaves a ton of options. What kind of trip are you wanting? Mountains? Desert? Beginner-friendly or something more strenuous. For August, I'd say head some place like the Wind Rivers or Grand Teton. Lots of good loop options available there.
We were looking into Wind Rivers, it looks absolutely beautiful.
I'm thinking something that makes us work pretty damn hard. I want to be exhausted after each day. But again, we really are open to anything, which can kind of be obnoxious. Everything looks like it would be amazing, and we have yet to nail down an actual location.
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