Thorofare/South Boundary/Wolverine Creek


Mar 18, 2021
I've secured permits for a Thorofare/South Boundary Trail hike from Nine Mile to the South Park Entrance. Night 6, I am intending to stay outside of the park, originally planning to stay on the South Boundary Trail, hopscotching along the southern park boundary.

Trying to be mindful of park camping regulations, I am a bit worried about the availability of good, legal, and safe camping spots along the south boundary in the Teton Wilderness, especially since a good chunk is at elevation.

I'm considering diving south south onto the Wolverine Creek Trail. This adds a little over three miles and reduces the elevation gain by about 1,000 ft, and pretty much guarantees some more camping options.

Anyone taken this route? How well is the trail marked and defined? How is the camping along the south boundary? Any concerns about the alternate route?

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It's a straightforward trail - you shouldn't have a problem staying on route either way.

Personally I'd vote for staying on the South Boundary trail where it traverses Big Game Ridge, because it's one of the highlights of the boundary trail for me.

That said, the Wolverine Creek route is also a good option and has some better dispersed camping options. (Though you'll safely find a decent spot either way.)

6M3 is an awesome site, so enjoy that one.

EDIT: I looked a little closer at your map and realized you're talking about following Wolverine Creek itself rather than the longer cutoff. Be sure you know when to leave the main trail and follow the creek. There is a trail there, but I don't remember any signage. Still fairly easy to follow the route - just follow the creek downstream until it hits the Snake River.
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Same, Stay on boundary trail. .. easy to get off Park.....