This weekend: San Rafael Swell or Moab?


Apr 20, 2012
Anybody have any opinions? Weather's looking decent for both areas.
Barely got 2 days off between work and school for my GF and I. So looking to do a quick 2 day camping, hiking trip with the dogs. Girlfriend wants to go down to Moab since they have some pet friendly trails, but I'm not too sure about camping(ideas?) and I am trying to convince her of San Rafael.
I fully agree with Nick. There aren't a lot of "trails" in the Swell but you can take your dogs anywhere you want. Camping has changed a lot in the Moab area in the past couple of years--you're required to have a portable toilet almost anywhere you go now. The Swell is still pretty much wide open to do whatever you please. The Wedge and Buckhorn Wash should be nice in the northern Swell now, and anywhere along the San Rafael Reef (especially southern Reef) would be great now as well.
Swell is just that much closer for a quick trip too.