The Wave/White Pocket Fri Oct 12 permits for a ride?


Jan 17, 2012
So, we got permits for The Wave/Coyote Buttes North for Friday, October 12, and we ended up getting four permits with the thought that Karen's aunt and uncle would join us. Unfortunately they are unable to join us, so, we have two permits available. I'm HOPING to find someone to come with us that might a) have an extra day before or after and b) have a vehicle suitable to get to White Pocket so we can spend a day exploring and photographing, and camp out. Basically trade the permits for a ride down there? It might be a long shot but why not ask :)

If that doesn't pan out, we will have 2 permits available :)

We are going to be out that way from oct 4-16 from the east coast, still haven't put any plans together yet other than the wave
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