The Subway - Zion NP August 2012


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Jan 22, 2012
Catching up on my TR's...

I was in the Anchorage airport being culture shocked back to civilization. Seriously...internet faster than dial up? what is this madness? and the ladies..yikes. I call it my alaskan goggles because the amount of good looking ones sky rocketed. ahem, Anyways, so there I was on a 5 hour layover trying to catch up with stuff when I got an email from my dad saying something along the lines of - well, I had planned on going to zion NP {less than 24 hours from this point} and doing the subway. I got permits and the whole family is going. I was banking on you coming so we have someone with rope experience to help. I guess you're still in alaska though"

So as things have it the next day I was on my way to the sunny and 90's of southern utah. I had almost no time to prepare, or anything. the last time I went on a trip with the ole man and let him plan it wasn't exactly an ideal experience. This year I was determined to make sure it wasn't the same. We camped at watchman that night. Wow was it hot. I remember thinking to myself I don't ever remember utah being this hot.

But the next day we were out on the trail early. It was amazing to be out on the trail again after so much time pratically couped up. Although I was concerned about my personal level of fitness I knew at my state I was still well above others in the group. I could tell going from sea level to whatever elevation zion is was affecting me though, enhanced by my asthma.

Since I read very little beta, and this was my first time going here, I did all my RS based off what I could read on my phone on the way down and what my dad had printed off. We took a wrong turn trying to descend into the canyon and found some webbing where someone had rapped off - about a 50 foot rappel. I knew that this could be avoided but couldn't figure out a way down cayon without rapping. I had webbing to ghetto rig a harness but I didn't fully trust the handline I brought. Finally figured out we turned left instead of right .. right at the top of the canyon where the trail kind of morphs into nothing / multiple trails.

there were a few easy downclimbs and some quick handlines you could toss n go and fly down. But being with ~10 family members who this was extreme to the going was way to slow for me, and I had to be the one in charge albiet being one of the youngest. My Grandpa, who turns 80 this year, was the only one who had been in the subway before. He honestly says there's no memory of actually needing to do a rappel. especially the one going into the famous part of the subway. But man was that part beautiful. I'm very frustrated with myself because since I was designated leader I just didn't have time to stop and compose a really good shot of the subway narrows...ok I forgot to. this just means I'll have to go back.

the Actual subway part is short and pretty much the end of the narrows section. Before there were a few swimmers and easy potholes but once out of it the canyon opened up and turned into a beautiful canyon. This is the area where I let everyone else go ahead as I stopped and took a gazillion pictures. I felt I deserved it. I still kept up even when stopping every 5 feet for 244 shots of each waterfall.

Our group eventually separated into two groups though. Those of us that wanted to maintain a good pace to be out before dark and the others who couldn't. The exit hike is a beast but we made it out to our shuttle car well before sunset and enjoyed relaxing and stretching near the car. A concerned ranger talked to us about one of the cars there and asked if we had seen anyone behind us in the canyon. Everyone we saw was passing us so I said not to my knowledge. The rest of the crew made it out just after the sun sank on the horizion. A solid day and was glad I went.


The Subway by Gareth Loosle, on Flickr
my personal favorite shot from the weekend.

the subway by Gareth Loosle, on Flickr

the used to be classic shot by Gareth Loosle, on Flickr

the only two shots I really got of the subway. both were rushed and not very thought out. still mad at myself over this.

subway by Gareth Loosle, on Flickr

Subway Falls by Gareth Loosle, on Flickr

this was the last time (save for this past week for a day) that me and my bro's were all together. all grown at dixie and one up in Idaho

one of the first swimmers. well a swimmer for about 4 feet.

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How'd I miss this? Must've slipped past me in the race down to Escalante on Wednesday.

So did I understand correctly that your 80-year oldfather was on this trip? That is amazing! That maze of trails just before the drop-in is a mess. It used to be easier to follow but they switched it up this year and it's been causing some problems.