The San Rafael Sure is.....Swell

Mar 18, 2014
Spring Break 2018 - last week of March. The weather could be iffy. I kept looking at the forecast and it seemed like it would get better and better each day throughout the week. We lucked out. On to the photos.

First place we stopped was Rabbit Valley. It's a nice stopping point on the drive from Boulder to Utah. Our kids would have a hard time riding much further. Last time we camped at the first spot we saw. This time that spot was taken so we went further in to find this free campground, with a toilet and picnic tables!IMG_5924.jpg

My son seems to think this was a real petroglyph he found up in the rocks. I question it's authenticity.
There is even a dirt pump track for the kids. A bit muddy today though...
There's a trail right off i-70 at this area called "the trail through time". 1.5 mile loop. Complete with dinosaur bones in the rocks. The kids loved it.

Sego Canyon - great accessible panel.
IMG_6000.jpg IMG_6008.jpg

Goblin Valley - a people zoo. But still fun for the kids. We got away and hiked to the Goblin's lair as well. Great hike. IMG_6044.JPG IMG_6080.JPG
Does this last one look like a profile with a beard and all? IMG_6087.JPGIMG_6233.JPG

Start of the hike to Wild Horse Window. What a great spot - complete with panels! Amazing day walking over slickrock. IMG_6262.JPG IMG_6304.JPG IMG_6324.jpg IMG_6347.JPG IMG_6387.jpg

We had to hit up Little Wild Horse Canyon for the kids to experience this gem. It was crowded but we somehow got away from people. IMG_6424.JPG IMG_6435.JPG IMG_6497.JPG IMG_6520.JPG IMG_6561.JPG

Shangri-la. Camping in the desert. Junipers, canyon walls, portable disc golf basket, cooler full of ice and beer. What could be better? IMG_6673.JPG IMG_6718.JPG IMG_6748.JPG IMG_6758.JPG IMG_6761.JPG IMG_6762.JPG

Fantastic trip. We spent Sunday through Thursday at this same campsite as our basecamp. Met some really cool guys from California and Montana in the camp next door who gave us some incredible red wine to take back with us. We enjoyed that one the way back as we stopped by Glenwood Springs to ski at Sunlight in the Spring weather. Thanks Utah for another great experience!


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