The Pfeifferhorn - October 11, 2015


Dec 23, 2013
A coworker, Scatman Jr. and I did a day hike to the top of the Pfeifferhorn on Sunday. I hadn't done this hike in four years and the last time I did, there was quite a bit of snow to contend with. I was looking forward to hiking it in dry conditions. The fall weather was absolutely perfect for the hike. It took us roughly eight hours round trip which included lunch at the top along with a quick break at Red Pine Lake on the way up and a short break on the way down.
On our way down, the aspens glowed in the afternoon sun which gave a different feel and look than hiking up in the shade of the mountains.


Information sign near trailhead

Mileage sign

Hiking along the old Jeep road


Scatman Jr. - I love the facial expression!


Lone Peak Wilderness Boundary

Twin Peaks on the Cottonwood Ridge

Red Pine Lake looking west

Red Pine Lake along with Twin Peaks, Sunrise Peak and Dromedary Peak in the background

Heading to the ridge

First view of the Pfeifferhorn

Utah Lake in the distance


Knife's edge ridge and the Pfeifferhorn

Nearing the base of the Pfeifferhorn

View from the top - The Cottonwood Ridge to the north


View from the top - Beat-out Ridge looking west with Lone Peak at the end

View from the top - Mount Timpanogos to the south - sorry, bad sun angle

Amy, Scatman and Jr. on the top. I'm about to use my Iron Man powers to fly us down to the trailhead.

Red Pine and Upper Red Pine Lakes

Aspen glow on the way down


More Aspen

More Aspen

Looking up Little Cottonwood canyon towards Snowbird

Featured image for home page:


Jul 5, 2014
Great report Hugh. That's some peak! So I guess it hasn't started snowing on the peaks yet out there? When I was planning my quick trip out to SLC last year I considered doing this but just didn't have the time. I remember being drawn to it by these pics of it that I had found online. Red Pine Lake looks like a really nice place to camp.




Dec 23, 2013
Great report Hugh. That's some peak! So I guess it hasn't started snowing on the peaks yet out there? When I was planning my quick trip out to SLC last year I considered doing this but just didn't have the time. I remember being drawn to it by these pics of it that I had found online. Red Pine Lake looks like a really nice place to camp.

View attachment 35463

View attachment 35462

It snowed up top a couple of weeks ago but almost all of it has melted. You can camp at Red Pine Lake. There is a nice spot on the south end of the lake for a few tents. We actually passed two groups of two backpackers each heading to Red Pine for the night on our way down.


Mar 1, 2014
Red Pine looks awesome in the fall! A lot of those Wasatch lakes look really drained, low and ugly this late in fall. Thanks for sharing!


Life really is better Here
Apr 20, 2013
I like the Ironman pic!
I love the Pfeifferhorn, and this was a great report.

Scott Chandler

Wildness is a necessity- John Muir
Jan 4, 2014
Sweet pictures :scatman: The Pfeifferhorn was always on my hit list while I lived in SLC but conditions always kept me away. Thanks for letting me vicariously get there.
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