The Notch - August 18, 2018


Dec 23, 2013
Every year, I grab a campsite in the Uintas for a weekend and on that Saturday I plan a day hike, hopefully one I haven't tried before. So this year I decided to hike up to the Notch. As we were leaving our campground to drive to the trailhead, we saw five moose - one bull, three females and one calf. The females ended up running the bull off.

Our route started at the Bald Mountain Trailhead and headed to Notch Lake. After arriving at the lake, we headed cross country to Hope Lake where we then picked up the trail to the Notch. On our off-trail route we ran into a rock field where we encountered seven Pikas. I had never seen more than one or two at a time before so I was a bit surprised. We encountered many people along the trails and lakes, but we saw no one on our off-trail portion. The views form the Notch were pretty terrific in all directions. Here are some shots of our hike.


Bull Moose


Bull with one of the females


Bald Mountain


Trail junction sign


You can make out the Notch through the trees


Reids Peak


Meadow shot with the southern end of Haystack Mountain visible in the distance


Rocky terrain along the trail


Clegg Lake


Notch Lake


Heading off-trail


View from our cross country route


Rock field that was full of Pikas, with Mount Watson in the distance


A Pika with his head turned from the camera


A small meadow between the lakes


Another view of Haystack Mountain


Coming down to Hope Lake


Hope Lake and Mount Watson


Getting closer to the Notch


Trail junction sign


Almost up to the Notch. The western ridge of Notch Mountain looms above


View from the Notch


View into the Weber Drainage form the Notch


Eastern ridge of Notch Mountain


On the Notch


A friendly chipmunk on the Notch


View from the Notch of Mount Watson


Bushwhacking on our way back to Notch Lake


Cross country travel


View of Reids Peak from Clegg Lake on our way back


One more shot of Bald Mountain from the trail


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Broadcaster, formerly "ashergrey"
May 5, 2012
A classic. Cool that you saw all those moose. Scary to see it so dry up there in August.


Dec 23, 2013
A classic. Cool that you saw all those moose. Scary to see it so dry up there in August.

Yes, definitely very dry, though on the Hayden Fork side of the pass it rained fairly hard for just over three hours Friday night into Saturday morning. I'm sure it will take a lot more than that though.


Because I am able.
Dec 31, 2017
YAY! Moose!!!
Thanks for sharing. I like that metal 'Notch -->' sign. I have only seen wood ones so far.


Dec 23, 2013
Looks like a quiet and serene place to spend a Saturday indeed. Thanks scatman.

Not very quiet, there were a ton of people along the trails and lots of tents around Notch Lake, but the off-trail hiking was very peaceful.
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