The Grand Staircase-Escalante NM. Paria-Hackberry 10 day backpack April 23-May 2, 2017 Part 3

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    The Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument (GSENM) in southern Utah has become a favorite. Previously, all my explorations (alone or with friends) have been in the eastern Escalante River drainage portion. This trip explored the western portion through "The Grand Staircase" and can be called the Paria River-Hackberry Canyon Loop. Within the National Monument is the Paria-Hackberry Wilderness Study Area and the majority of the hike took place in this 136,000 acre WSA. Kimberly (Rainie Too), who did the bulk of the research for the trip, was joined by and fellow Escalante explorers Linda, Jerry, Robert and myself. We are all becoming annual regulars down here. Gwen, diving head first into her first desert experience, joined us for week two!
    Total mileage with side canyon trips added up to nearly 100 miles over 10 days.
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    This is Part 3 of three parts:

    Part 1 here:

    Part 2:

    Part 3: Round Valley Draw/Hackberry Canyon/Yellow Rock/Paria Box.

    Part 3: The quick and dirty....

    Day 7 we began by moving shuttling to a beginning at the Round Valley Draw Trailhead off the Cottonwood Road to save a few miles of dirt road and mesa walking. RVD is a well known slot with a few easy down scrambles through simple dryfalls. Gwen's first slot canyon experience!!!! It led us to Hackberry Canyon which is dry for the first few miles. Dry camp.

    DSC02318.JPG DSC02329.JPG DSC02379.JPG

    A few of us trudged deep sand to the narrows of Booker Canyon as a quick sidetrip.

    DSC02395.JPG DSC02398.JPG
    Day 8 found us descending further through Hackberry Canyon, which changes scenes nicely as we went. Our sidetrip for the day was a fun exploration of the Stone Donkey Slot Canyon and an attempt at an aesthetic looking peak known as Cottonwood BM. Unfortunately, 5th Class rock stopped us 100 vertical feet short of the summit but the views were astounding. Then we moved on to the junction with Sam Pollock Arch Canyon for the night's camp. We also came across a neat petroglyph panel and settlers' signature panel none of us had known about.

    DSC02421.JPG DSC02445.JPG DSC02448.JPG DSC02452.JPG DSC02465.JPG DSC02505.JPG DSC02488.JPG DSC02508.JPG DSC02491.JPG DSC02512.JPG DSC02526.JPG DSC02530.JPG DSC02541.JPG

    Day 9 took us down through the rest of Hackberry Canyon, with its' narrows at the mouth. Nice narrows and neat scenery throughout as it transitioned through the rock layers.

    DSC02555.JPG DSC02558.JPG DSC02567.JPG DSC02575.JPG DSC02578.JPG DSC02583.JPG

    At the mouth of Hackberry we left canyons all together and took the Yellow Rock Trail up onto the mesa bench for our only high camp. Yellow Rock was out of this world. Our high camp also yielded a fine sunset on the Grey Cliffs to the east. A very colorful afternoon!

    DSC02591.JPG DSC02595.JPG DSC02599.JPG DSC02608.JPG DSC02616.JPG DSC02618.JPG DSC02620.JPG DSC02622.JPG DSC02637.JPG DSC02639.JPG DSC02645.JPG DSC02653.JPG

    Day 10, time to end our journey and close the loop with a short hike descending to the Box or the Paria River (a low narrows at its mouth of the upper canyon). Upstream a mile were our cars waiting at the Movie Set Trailhead. Nicely done all! Fantastic scenery and company over the course of ten days!

    DSC02658.JPG DSC02659.JPG DSC02661.JPG DSC02662.JPG DSC02666.JPG DSC02670.JPG DSC02673.JPG
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    That part of GSENM is the most underrated IMO. I've been looking at piecing together a point to point from Willis or BVG, to Hackberry. I've got a few potential routes.

    How was the Cottonwood Canyon road? I've seen it in varying degrees of (dis)repair over the years.
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    Hi Dan,
    Cottonwood Road was "any vehicle" with care. No ruts too deep nor insane washboard (yet). It really surprised us. I took my Honda Civic as far as RVD turnoff.

    Looks like your potential routes will cross some fantastic Navajo slickrock and domes, especially below Rock Springs Bench. I'd go back to join you! I'd like another shot from the north at Cottonwood BM and sugarloaf, twin buttes, Castle, etc.
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    Great report and photos John. Btw. Am I right in thinking you know Andrew W who lives in Argentina mainly? If you return I'm told there's some great hoodoos somewhere around Deer creek or Deer point. I've not seen them.
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    Hi Ross, you must have me mixed up with another desert traveler. I don't think I know Andrew! Thanks for the hoodoos tip. One in our party was trying to head that way but didn't make it.