The call of a nomad

Mike harpe

Aug 11, 2019
I’m also on overlandbound and I figured I’d post this here as well.

I’ve been searching for something for a long time. Over the last 20 years (I’m 38), I have never known what to do with my life. I joined the army at 20 and loved it. I enjoyed going to the field and being deployed. I have always moved every few months on my own. I moved 24 times in 8 years living in Colorado Springs. I would get tired of the apt I was living in and find somewhere new. This is when I first figured I was a nomad.

Life continued and I got out of the military. I bounced from job to job always wishing I could live free and travel. I became an over the road truck driver and loved that almost as much as the army. But I was alone.. for as much as I’m an introvert and don’t like dealing with society as a whole, I still enjoy getting to know people and talking about things. The biggest challenge I knew would be finding a mate who would understand this calling and want to join me. So far that has been a course in failure.

I am currently stuck in South Georgia due to an unfortunate event for the next 5 years. I hope to be free from this stationary constraint and be able to fully embrace my nomadic desire and live in my power wagon while enjoying the peaceful solidity that nature offers.

I am seeking those who would wish to befriend a loyal, honest, retired veteran who is a geek, nerd, gear head, and gun nut who has a dry sarcastic sense of humor.

Feel free to reply to this or pm me to begin a dialogue. I have a range of interests and wish to also learn the old ways that have been lost to us as a civilization. I plan to take Home - The Human Path and learn what I can about living as minimalistic/self supportive as possible in this modern society. (Ok so maybe having a 2018 power wagon isn’t minimalist. Meh)

I will do my best to chime in on things I know about, but usually if I can’t think of a relative comment I won’t post on a topic. Hope others will take a step forward and help me become an active member of this community.

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