THE BARRACKS (East Fork of the Virgin River)


Aug 9, 2007


Desperately Seeking Sandstone
Jan 21, 2012
Oh man, I would love to do this backpack! I also wonder about the difficulty of the exit route, though. I've been known to sketch about heights.:eek: I'd be interested to hear some opinions from those that have hiked it.


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Feb 8, 2012
Went down there with Cody last June. We didn't do the length; we went down Fat Man's Misery, camped a half-mile or so East of where Fat Man's meets the Parunaweep. We hiked East a couple miles, then back to camp and out to Checkerboard Mesa. I want to get back down there and do a full couple days worth of backpacking route. It was amazing!
Here's my pics:


Jan 19, 2012
Wow! Very pretty! I'd be interested! Is there repelling required?


Feb 23, 2012
The Barracks are very incredible.

You can camp above the descent route w/o a permit as it's outside the park.

The route down is pretty steep, but w/o any real exposure. You are then in the best part of the canyon.

Farther up canyon getting up/down past the rockfall/logjam has gotten tougher in recent years. I wouldn't recommend this if you are solo with a big pack! Here a frame grab of me tackling it:

- Jamal


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Feb 12, 2012
I would be interested in this trip. I actually work for a guide shop out of Kanab that has been planning a employee trip of the area. I have been down the Rock Canyon Entrance into Parunaweap which requires rappelling. There are two other entrances nearby that I know of. Our plan has to rap through Rock and exit Checkerboard.


Feb 27, 2012
Man that looks like a great trip. I'd be in for a group backpacking trip.


Feb 27, 2012
I was talking to a friend who grew up in Springdale and he said this route may not be legal. Any Proof otherwise? I really want to do this route though.

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Mar 9, 2012
I was talking to a friend who grew up in Springdale and he said this route may not be legal. Any Proof otherwise? I really want to do this route though.
the part of the river west of checkerboard hits private property and is the off limits part, if i remember correctly.
also, that trip report mentions: "Note: Lower Parunuweap Canyon (inside of the park) is an off-limits "Natural Research Area," so you must take the strenuous alternate escape route to exit by the Checkerboard Mesa."
Jan 19, 2012
Lower Parunuweap has been closed by the national park for quite a while. From what I understand their is some private property at the beginning of the hike but the property owner has granted access. If this turns out to not be true there are several other access points (poverty wash, french canyon, even mineral wash).


ephemeral excursionist
Jan 17, 2012
Depending on when I would be interested. Just me this time.

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