Teton Canyon Bear


Mar 3, 2013
Caribou/Targhee NF ............ East of Driggs. Gues he thought the hammock was a Taco.

A campsite in Wyoming has been closed after a black bear pushed a sleeping camper out of his hammock, tore his sleeping bag apart, then ransacked a tent in search of food.

As Buckrail reports, the man was camping at Teton Canyon on the night of June 10, when the attack took place. He was able to escape and hide in his car while the bear destroyed both his hammock and sleeping bag.

The bear then made its way to a nearby tent where other campers were spending the night, before eventually being scared off. Nobody was injured in the attack, but despite the Wyoming Game and Fish Department setting traps to capture the animal, it has yet to be found.

“After the bear did not return to the site for three consecutive nights, Game and Fish pulled its trap from Teton Canyon on June 14,” said the Caribou-Targhee National Forest Service in a statement. “Biologists from the agency continue to monitor the area daily.”
Fun times await the next person that bear decides to rough up for some food. Yikes.
Heck of a way to wake up. Wonder if there was any food smell. Bear sure didn't like the hammock or sleeping bag! Similar attack in Smoky Mountains last year. In 2017 Colorado a black bear pulled a 19 year old out from his tent by his head. Investigators couldn't find any food attractants. Lot of folks discount black bear danger.
I had reservations there for July and cancelled, but a few weeks before this story came out. They close the campgrounds there quite frequently because of bears. I camped there last summer in my RV, but I decided I didn't really want to tent camp there (sold the RV).