Tent Seam Sealing


Aug 9, 2007
My new Tensegrity 2 Elite has no sealed seems. Like some other ultralight brands, they leave it to the end user to do where desired on this tent. This will be my first time sealing seems on a tent so I thought I'd post and see what people have to say. Should I do them all or just certain ones? Any special tips or techniques for a great end result? Sealing is done on the inside of seems, right?

I sealed the inside seams of the floor and wall of my North Face tent after it leaked under heavy ongoing rain. I could see the water flowing through the seams that join floor/wall.

The rain fly is sealed and does not leak so I didn't worry about it.

I have not tested out the tent in similar conditions but I can say it did not discolor the tent or hurt it in any visible way. It should just leave a thin transparent film on the seam. The applicator totally sucked and forced me to squeeze the bottle to the point the entire top could have popped off and squired it all over my tent. I may just take the applicator thing off next time and use a small paint brush.

Now that it's on my mind again I may dump a few cups of water in the tent and have someone help me lift it up and move the water around to see if it leakes out the bottom (kinda like filling up boots with water to see if they leak).

In short, seal your inner floor and walls. I used the Coleman brand.
All tents have different requirements obviously. My Bibler was taped in the inside, but I sealed the outside seams and on the inside where the poles met the floor at the 4 corners (poles are on the inside). I used a whole tube on the four corners if memory serves, spread it around the whole area. It has never leaked, and it's pretty old.
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