An annoying issue with Tapatalk....when viewing the latest posts list, it shows a short preview of the message, but only of the first message in the thread. On other forums I view with Tapatalk it shows a preview of the newest message....any way to change that?
Well, it turns out the way that Tapatalk is showing the previews is not something I can fix. It's something to do with the way that Tapatalk and our specific forum software (XenForo) interact. Sounds like it might be something they address in future upgrades but nothing in the immediate future. :thumbsdown:

tapatalk dude said:
I understand your concern. XF have native topic preview. You can check it by moving your mouse on the topic title on topic list page on browser and the preview content is for oldest post.
We just use this native feature in plugin, however, as you said we'll check more to see if we need to any change.
For some reason the sub topics it the trip reports are not showing up. It just says 0 posts.
For some reason the sub topics it the trip reports are not showing up. It just says 0 posts.
This is in tapatalk...
Checked and it's up to date (version 1.13.5). I'm running the android version... don't know if that makes a diff?

Found a fix for the sub-forums not showing up on Tapatalk for Android! I went into 'settings' then to 'Applications' then 'Manage applications', scrolled down to Tapatalk and selected it, then click 'Clear Data' (warning, it will clear out all the forums you had added). Now launch Tapatalk, search for backcountrypost and add, log in and there they be! I got wondering after doing this if all I needed to do was log out of backcountrypost and back in??? You might try that first before trying my method. If neither ways work, I'd try uninstalling the app and reinstalling. This is what I was going to do and decided to give the 'Clear data' a try and it work!!! YMMV...