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Aug 9, 2007
Hey BCP'ers. In case you didn't see that huge banner on the home page, the new BCP beanies are now available for purchase. This may well be the last BCP logoed item we ever sell, so don't miss out on this. There is a very limited quantity and once they're gone, they're gone. This is a nice Mountain Hardware beanie that actually sells for $20 without that awesome BCP logo. It's lightweight at only 2 oz so it's perfect for backpacking. Roll it up for a snug fit or wear it loose, whatever you like.

$20 each plus shipping. All proceeds go to keeping the lights on around here assuming we can sell enough to cover the costs of buying the beanies. So yeah, pretty please, buy one.

Order here:


IMG_0230 2.JPG IMG_0224 2.JPG
neat! my birthday gift is en route.
Gear review!! I lost my hat and now have replaced it with a BCP one!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the color, really pretty (er, handsome...) light grey fading to dark, looks awesome folded up as i am not a slouchy hat kind of person. The pictures don't do the color justice in my opinion. Super soft stretchyness that I foresee sleeping in comfortably. Also, as a bonus, i have developed a love of hats that I can pull over my eyes for sleeping on planes; this one is perfect for traveling! I may need to get a second one however, as Santo seems to have already stolen this one from me. Now, start finding more stuff like this! I need a BCP ultralight down coat... i don't believe this will be the last BCP item!
No no Hugh. My comment wasn't meant to be taken seriously, and I definitely wasn't trying to start a rumor. Just a bad attempt at humor while simultaneously forgetting that people can't read your tone when posting online. Sorry if I startled you.
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