Super Blue Blood Moon


Feb 7, 2015
Let me get this started!!


Forever Wandering
Apr 8, 2015
It was overcast last night so when I got off my night shift this morning I didn't even look up until a coworker pointed out the eclipse happening while we were in the parking lot at 6AM. My drive home is westward, so I watched it progress for the roughly 40-minute drive then grabbed some photo gear to try to get a pic. Turns out I don't have any camera lenses long enough to really work, but a phone with a 40x spotting scope did get me a somewhat usable image. Taken about 7AM in northeastern Nebraska.


At that point, having been awake for the better part of 23 hours, I gave up and went to bed. The last time I tried lunar eclipse photos I think I was still using film!


ephemeral excursionist
Jan 17, 2012
I could post my grainy ass cell phone shot but I will spare ya'll.

I enjoyed my morning breakfast eggs in the dark as I watched the show from my kitchen nook. I feel pretty lucky to have had a decent view for most of the morning until clouds rolled in.

A Super Blue Blood Moon and Total Solar Eclipse in a few months of each other. Cool beans!

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Scott Chandler

Wildness is a necessity- John Muir
Jan 4, 2014
When I woke up before five and peeked out the window, I thought we were going to have a dud. Luckily I could see stars among the clouds, so I hoped some holes would present themselves. Haze was a common piece to my pictures, but they still aren't awful.



Apr 27, 2016
Nice to see the pictures. I kept hoping the clouds would break here, but no luck.
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