Album Sunrises

Red River Gorge
Sundays almost always have the best sunrises.
The fog settled down lower after enveloping us most of the evening and night.
RCM03285-Frigid n Foggy Swell 12-20-201220-1.jpg

The inversion rose and started to come back up near sunrise. Cheap thermometer said 8d F.
RCM03414-Frigid n Foggy Swell 12-20-201220-2-3.jpg
20171003_072900 (2).jpg
The Sphinx, White Pocket.

Awesome picture! Is this formation as big as it looks (is that scrub brush in the bottom right of the frame)?
Something a little different...first light on the South Kaibab:
IMG_6942 (2).JPG

I'm an early riser and have been at number of beautiful sites to watch the sunrise, but the timing has never been right to capture some of the dramatic clouds and lighting that many of you have. I have better luck out my back door...not exactly backcountry, but the southern end of Napa Valley that not many people get to see:
IMG_0454 (2).JPG
9457E0D8-6BFB-4EC6-8529-F37E1358ED5A.jpegHere is th reward for gettin’ up for th crack of dawn to get out before Mr. Sun wakes up! Here, he’s shedding’ some light n a bit of warmth on th Yellowstone was quite th chilly & crisp morning, but th beauty of th scene warmEd me to th bones...n still does.

Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy.
I'm bettin' that's down the trail from Packard Lake ???

There is a pond near there with some views, but nope. This one drains into the Provo, not the Duchesne.
This is the Fire Lake lily pond.
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