Sulphur Creek, Capitol Reef


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May 5, 2012
New Trail Guide up for Sulfur Creek in Capitol Reef National Park. In-depth questions & comments can be posted in this thread.

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An exceptional point-to-point day hike along the narrow stream bed of Sulphur Creek within Capitol Reef National Park. The route drops into the creek's narrow gorge, following the waterway as it cuts beneath soaring cliffs and tumbles over a series of small waterfalls.

Sulphur Creek is a rarity in Capitol Reef, as it follows a perennial water source through a cool and shady canyon. It can be hiked from the top down or bottom up, though most hikers who complete the entire point-to-point route will do so in the downhill direction.

I think checking the water depth behind the Visitor Center before starting a point to point hike in Sulphur creek is very important and should be mentioned and highlighted at the beginning of this trail guide. Ankle deep or lower behind the VC is ideal but knee deep would make the hike extremely dangerous especially for children. I would also recommend a dry bag just in case. In 2009 I encountered a waist deep pool in the slot below the falls and in 2010 a friend of mine ran into a neck deep pool in the slot a few days after a flood.

Here's a crazy video of the third waterfall during a flash flood (not mine).
Good points Bill. I'll tweak it to make the flood danger more clear.