Suggestions for Maze Hikes and Range Canyon Intel?

Stephanie B

Steph and Blake
Dec 7, 2017

We've got most of our April trip into the Maze planned out except for hikes to take (or a-MAZE-ing things to check out) while camping (2 nights) at The Neck. Sorry, but the pun is obligatory. In particular, we're looking for suggestions for the day in between the two nights and then suggestions for things to do along the way from The Neck to the High Spur campsite. A ranger at Hans Flat suggested hiking up to Lands End. But that won't take much time. Looking at the map it appears there's a short hike from Happy Canyon campsite to an overlook (?) of Happy Canyon.

Secondly, I've scoured the internet for intel on the ruin and rock art in Range Canyon (spent an embarrassing amount of time on it, truth be told), but I'm coming up dry. Any hints?? FYI, it's our personal policy not to post GPS info on the internet unless it's a publicly well-known site (e.g. Newspaper Rock outside Needles).

Many thanks and look forward to BCP input!

Stephanie (and Blake)
Where the Ernies Country trail crosses Range Canyon's short North Fork,go upstream for ruin and downstream for pictos. I missed downstream. At the highpoint eastward of Wide Valley at Main Flat, look at the base of a close buttress to the north with binocs.
Where the Ernies Country trail crosses Range Canyon's short North Fork,go upstream for ruin and downstream for pictos. I missed downstream. At the highpoint eastward of Wide Valley at Main Flat, look at the base of a close buttress to the north with binocs.

Thanks for the info on Range Canyon, John. We won't be near Wide Canyon on this trip, though.
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