Stream Fishing?

Mar 3, 2014
Where in the Uintas has good stream fishing? I love fishing the lakes up there, but haven't ever really been able to find good stream fishing for fly fishing. Anyone have any recommendations?
I've only gone stream fishing one place in the Uintas and it was unbelievable...just west of Fox Lake and south of Dime Lake: 40.791362,-110.161757
Buck Pasture in West Fork Black's Fork is supposed to be great. I know the scenery is amazing but didn't try to fish it as I walked through. I also really like to hit the little meadow streams that are found in most areas. The ones that have narrow, deep channels that just meander all over the place. You can just stand in one spot and cast to a bunch of different parts of the stream without spooking them. They're never very big but they are FUN!

These are the kind of meadow meanders I like. This one is below Kermsuh Lake but you can find them all over the place.


Buck Pasture in WFBF:

Where in the Uintas doesn't have good stream fishing! If there's a stream there is probably fish in it in the Uintas.

I've caught fish in most of the Western Uinta streams. Like Nick said, Buck Pasture is beautiful, with better fishing the higher you get.
The stream below Whitney Reservoir, down a ways has some good fishing too.
The forks of the Upper Weber are great too.

You don't have to swing a wide loop to catch fish in the small streams. Keep your line shorter and under control to catch more fish and fewer bushes. Fish going against the current usually produces better for me. Don't be surprised sometimes if the fish aren't where you anticipate them at.

Man- being in southern Arizona stinks sometimes! Too far from those high mountain trout streams!
We caught a bunch (3 inch to 8 inchers) out of Gilbert Creek, below the meadow (few miles below Gilbert Lake).

Buck Pasture looks so nice. If I didn't have a family I think I would just live there this summer and eat fish all summer long.