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Muddy Waters

Mar 21, 2016
Hello all,
I’ve lurked here quite a bit but never posted a trip report. I thought I’d give it a shot. My wife and I just got back from doing one of Steve Allen’s Canyoneering 3 adventures.

We tried to do this route in March and couldn’t find the pass from Stevens Canyon to Fold Canyon. We went back and did the same route. We finally made it. Here are some photos from both trips, but mostly this last week. Thanks to all those who take the time to do these reports and answer questions3916416D-2BA6-4772-86AF-10095A7354C3.pngEE319B00-BB8C-48C6-8F71-E4CD94844745.jpeg46F6864D-55AC-4702-B5F8-4FDDB15889E0.jpeg42E57A6E-9F47-4C3B-9DA2-EB3B0D1C7742.jpegE5809753-6E1A-4F56-8A2D-629E1FBB3F47.jpeg2BEEB0CC-B2D4-41A2-A12F-40CE5BF8EDF6.jpeg5EE5D79C-E38C-4333-BC6F-4649537C1A42.jpeg728F1D49-89F9-402B-8960-6547BA04BAA1.jpeg7D70F683-48D8-4F3D-8042-234849037405.jpeg8FD661F5-7A62-4338-B9DD-D0A91B88EDB5.jpegA20D06AE-5F85-4758-A2D0-BB744FBD8CC3.jpeg453A65A6-CB83-4484-A48F-B55B53B7C0AC.jpeg3FB41638-1E37-4986-B6F4-B51AC659A322.jpeg09F465CC-F281-4B67-BB9D-361B7129767C.jpegDEF1EC37-BDA7-4535-8FB4-8946C2D84886.jpegE35F05AE-444F-4B58-90AD-9743C9756AF8.jpegE535FE09-D1DC-4202-8A89-D5DDDE515387.jpeg716FDDE6-0BF9-4CD5-A9B2-93E7FD1824C3.jpegE50AC81A-6BB8-4142-A593-0D2934CB9CB8.jpegCDC891BB-72A3-4C4A-928C-1D787AE11ADF.jpegBFEA5B8C-776F-4090-A5FD-BC1F4E1F6DD4.jpegA950F45B-D4AA-4876-84F4-AEF33864F0CF.jpegD9D17191-A8A8-4FB1-80C8-3901DF32890D.jpegDB916600-24D5-4BF1-B592-5CC7E2B2269B.jpeg56734586-A85A-48B1-823A-E2EA33C997CF.jpegD8AF8977-BF46-4445-8BE8-B70A567DAB81.jpeg76F326D0-3487-45FA-AF71-CA3EF8A9705F.jpeg50984AB2-B519-4B81-B472-463137B9D776.jpegC19D2DAF-37EF-44CD-8558-01A71F34C9A3.jpegD0DA263C-0C55-4BCF-ACC4-01C8A43459D0.jpegBCA130F7-2770-4B1D-AD4D-092552154163.jpegA3E8CFBD-A01F-4FA2-97D2-753DD73F1833.jpeg3780EA01-98E6-4A50-A780-8FDE01D077BE.jpeg32AF7D02-9764-4240-A93B-D153AEC9FE04.jpegEE700B7D-2BA7-46C3-B0BC-72C2DB569CFA.jpeg3916416D-2BA6-4772-86AF-10095A7354C3.pngEE319B00-BB8C-48C6-8F71-E4CD94844745.jpeg46F6864D-55AC-4702-B5F8-4FDDB15889E0.jpeg42E57A6E-9F47-4C3B-9DA2-EB3B0D1C7742.jpegE5809753-6E1A-4F56-8A2D-629E1FBB3F47.jpeg2BEEB0CC-B2D4-41A2-A12F-40CE5BF8EDF6.jpeg5EE5D79C-E38C-4333-BC6F-4649537C1A42.jpeg728F1D49-89F9-402B-8960-6547BA04BAA1.jpeg7D70F683-48D8-4F3D-8042-234849037405.jpeg8FD661F5-7A62-4338-B9DD-D0A91B88EDB5.jpegA20D06AE-5F85-4758-A2D0-BB744FBD8CC3.jpeg453A65A6-CB83-4484-A48F-B55B53B7C0AC.jpeg3FB41638-1E37-4986-B6F4-B51AC659A322.jpeg09F465CC-F281-4B67-BB9D-361B7129767C.jpegDEF1EC37-BDA7-4535-8FB4-8946C2D84886.jpegE35F05AE-444F-4B58-90AD-9743C9756AF8.jpegE535FE09-D1DC-4202-8A89-D5DDDE515387.jpeg716FDDE6-0BF9-4CD5-A9B2-93E7FD1824C3.jpegE50AC81A-6BB8-4142-A593-0D2934CB9CB8.jpegCDC891BB-72A3-4C4A-928C-1D787AE11ADF.jpegBFEA5B8C-776F-4090-A5FD-BC1F4E1F6DD4.jpegA950F45B-D4AA-4876-84F4-AEF33864F0CF.jpegD9D17191-A8A8-4FB1-80C8-3901DF32890D.jpegDB916600-24D5-4BF1-B592-5CC7E2B2269B.jpeg56734586-A85A-48B1-823A-E2EA33C997CF.jpegD8AF8977-BF46-4445-8BE8-B70A567DAB81.jpeg76F326D0-3487-45FA-AF71-CA3EF8A9705F.jpeg50984AB2-B519-4B81-B472-463137B9D776.jpegC19D2DAF-37EF-44CD-8558-01A71F34C9A3.jpegD0DA263C-0C55-4BCF-ACC4-01C8A43459D0.jpegBCA130F7-2770-4B1D-AD4D-092552154163.jpegA3E8CFBD-A01F-4FA2-97D2-753DD73F1833.jpeg3780EA01-98E6-4A50-A780-8FDE01D077BE.jpeg32AF7D02-9764-4240-A93B-D153AEC9FE04.jpegEE700B7D-2BA7-46C3-B0BC-72C2DB569CFA.jpeg3916416D-2BA6-4772-86AF-10095A7354C3.png
Love it! These are tough routes. I think each of your pictures appears two times :)
This is one of the best trips anywhere--glad you could go back to complete it. I must've wasted 45 minutes trying to find the little climbing trick to get to the real saddle between Stevens and Fold. Definite fake-out there.
Question regarding the initial 70' of class 4 out of upper Stevens as you're nearing Fold: was it as straight up and nerve-wracking for you as it was for me with a heavy pack? I've seen partial video of others doing an easy zig-zag pattern up class 3 slopes, but I didn't look around long enough to find an easier route. I'm hoping that an easier way exists for future trips.
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