Start of the bloom in Anza-Borrego SP


Jul 22, 2016
“Where would you say the best blooms are right now, Coyote Canyon, Borrego Palm Canyon or Henderson Canyon?”

“Coyote canyon” the overworked volunteer at the Anza-Borrego state park visitor’s center bluntly stated.

He must have assumed we were not familiar with the area because he hastily drew out directions on a road map. As he was doing so I turned around to see the Visitor’s Center teeming with tourists. People of all nationalities perusing the historical and ecological displays the center offers.

After thanking the volunteer for his time, we made our exit. Walking back to the car we couldn’t help but notice the masses of people flocking in. Some complaining about the lack of cell service, others about overcast weather, some enjoying the nearby gardens. The cumulative chatter produced a low buzzing sound, the Visitor’s center was teeming with eager viewers.

Genesis quietly said “There’s a lot of people here today huh?”

I nodded my head in affirmation.

We quickly walked back to the car and took off. After 20 minutes, we left the pavement and were on our way to Coyote Canyon. The dirt road was lined with cars, some people unwilling to leave the comfort of their vehicle while others were picnicking among the desert flowers.

2017 is predicted to be a tremendous bloom for the Anza-Borrego Desert. And while the peak bloom has yet to occur, the flowers were, indeed, spectacular. No doubt this is the reason so many had flocked to Borrego, to witness the start of what is shaping up to be a brilliant bloom.

Another 15 minutes of weaving in and out of oncoming and parked cars put us at what is colloquially known as the Desert Gardens area. Past this point the State Park suggests that all vehicles should have 4WD. Although we have a 4WD vehicle we knew the road was passable to almost any vehicle. As we drove up Coyote Canyon we met Coyote Creek, an annual flowing creek that provides the vital water source to the resident big horn sheep in the summer months. We crossed the creek once, then a second time, then a third and final time as we meandered up the canyon road. We found a place to park and ventured out afoot to explore the desert bloom.

The air was still, dark clouds loomed over the mountains, forewarning the impending rain.

“Do you hear that sound?” I asked Genesis. She turned her head as to gain another perspective.

“The creek?” she asked

“No, it’s like a hum.”

As we walked further from the road the sound got louder until we came upon a field of grass, dotted with small, delicate flowers each one a host to a resident pollinator happily buzzing away. Both the flower and the bee thoroughly enjoying each other’s company. Such a mutually beneficial relationship can only be found in nature.











Showers over Borrego Springs


Walking around Coyote Canyon

After spending the day exploring Coyote Canyon and Creek we headed back to our campsite on the other side of Yaqui Pass. We relaxed and cooked some dinner before starting a fire. The clouds cleared and the stars came out and lit up the sky.


Driving to our campsite


Still trying to figure out how to take good night photos. Some of you on here can capture the stars spectacularly

We awoke to the sound of rain on the tent at about 6am. We got up and hung out under the EZ-up until about 10am at which time we took a little hike in the rain.
The rain persisted all day and we decided to pack up around 2pm and head home. This was a pretty spontaneous trip and we only had one night. But we will be back for a week at the beginning of April!
All in all, the temperatures were great and being in the desert while its raining is pretty awesome.


Our campsite


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